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Taking a splash 💦 Affordable Family holiday


With just two weeks to go before the summer holidays, don’t worry, we have your back to send you on your way to a fun and affordable family getaway.

Showbizmama teamed up with holiday experts Eurocamp who have shared their top tips on how to cut costs on your travel, so if you want a last minute family holiday it’s not too late.

Karen Williams, travel expert at Eurocamp has the lowdown.

Go with friends or family

Split the cost of your accommodation with your nearest and dearest. Holiday homes are perfect for this, allowing you to book accommodation for a fixed price, not per person. This means you can easily share with other family and friends and save a fortune on your holiday. 

Travel mid-week

Flight prices rise on Saturday and Sundays  – why not try and travel mid-week? With kids on school holidays, travel mid-week to enjoy some serious savings. Eurocamp doesn’t have fixed departure or arrival days, so you can have complete flexibility over your travel dates.  

Make it a road trip

Have a bit of time and want to save some serious cash? Ditch the plane and drive to your destination. 

With ferry travel from just £50 for a return journey with Eurocamp, cross the Channel with your car and travel at a leisurely pace through Europe. Not only does this avoid lengthy airport queues and delayed and cancelled flights, there’s no need to worry about weight limits for baggage or whether you’ll be sat together, just jump in the car and go! 

Make the most of freebies

Get stuck in with the freebies that your accommodation offers. Many hotels, resorts and parks come with pool complexes which provide hours of free fun for the whole family. 

Keep an eye out for places that offer free activities to enjoy. Some holiday providers also offer holiday clubs for kids of all ages – from the little ones all the way up to the teenagers. Not only does this keep them occupied and away from expensive excursions, it’s also a great way for them to make friends and explore their independence.

Look for somewhere near a beach too. This avoids paying for parking or taxis to get there, and you can spend a cheap day making sandcastles and paddling in the waves.

Go self-catered

Self-catering can help you save big bucks. You don’t need to go out to enjoy a good, filling meal and instead try some local delicacies from your own holiday home. If your kids fancy a snack, having a selection of treats for them to enjoy can be a great way of saving money by avoiding pricey shops and snack bars. 

Save money by sticking to a food budget. At the start of your holiday, do a single one-off shopping trip to a big supermarket to get all of your food for dinners and snacks, and allocate a budget for those special occasion meals. 

Explore with a bike

Save on fuel and transport costs and explore the local area on a bike. A lot of parks, resorts, hotels, and hostels offer bike hire for a small fee, and if you’re travelling by car you can strap your bikes on to save you even more money. 

Seek out discounts

Look around for the best deals for you and your family by signing up to mailing alerts. Many companies now include an ‘offers’ tab on their websites, so have a look through there and you might find some gems . 

A lot of websites and companies often run limited time deals and discounts, so make sure to regularly check the sites and see if there’s anything for you.

So there you have it. Loads of ideas to get you going so you can make some priceless memories on a holiday to remember.

For more travel inspo visit Eurocamp.