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Rome-ing in Bath


Family trip to the Roman Baths: A review

You can almost hear the Roman soldiers marching down the hallways, the elegant ladies stopping for a deep tissue massage and the maids fetching fresh water from the stream. Ever wanted to step back into history to where it all began ? Then welcome to the Roman Baths Museum.

Steeped in history, families will soak up the atmosphere and experience how life was back then with authentic artefacts, heirlooms, incredible architecture, culminating in a visit to the actual untouched streams that gave life to the city.

With a very cool modern twist, fans can enjoy the pyrotechnics watching the Romans work out in the gymnasium and even enjoy group massages with their pals.

If you’re lucky you will even get to meet real characters from the era, like this lady with high hair, whose super rich and influential hubby helped build the Roman Baths.

Get her 🙌🤩

Highly recommended for visits throughout the year.

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