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Christmas gift guide on lock 2021: Gift of Learning with Amazon


With another Christmas on lockdown looming, Showbizmama’s come up with some top gift ideas for shopping for your loved-ones from home.

The gift of learning: Leapfrog Collection with Amazon Prime

Scout? Here. Violet? here. Children? All here.
In fact, the boys aren’t going anywhere when the Leapfrog boxset is playing. Now the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, it’s the gift of learning they will need while cosying up indoors so they are entertained, play and sharpen their knowledge while having the most fun and use their imaginations.
As soon as you open the boxset and put on The Phonics Farm, the kids are glued to it’s colourful adventures exploring key learning through true adventures of Scout and Friends.
Little ones marvel at the fun they can learn with phonics as they navigate their way through the ABC learning to use their phonics to help them to speak.
When the box set arrived neatly packaged in its compact green box, I was just as excited as the kids to rip it open and see what was in store.
We knew Numberland from back in the day, it’s iconic songs and excellent party vibe got my kids up and dancing as they learned to count with Scout and Friends as they were busy arranging a birthday party. Pure bliss.
Sing along Read is the most uplifting way to learn about friendships and phonics all wrapped up in one.

Check out the Leapfrog Collection on

Amazon’s Top 10 toys

With just over two weeks left to get in your last minute shopping, Amazon has you covered with a few of these dreamy favourites for boys and girls.

From Harry Potter and Spiderman to quirky and fun new characters like Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle – Amazon shares the toys that will be on every kid’s Christmas list this year.

Amazon will deliver smiles to children across the country this year, with a one-of-a-kind ‘Trending Machine’ that will dispense free toys to passers by in a number of UK cities and local hospitals.

Check out Amazon’s top toys and get ready for the Christmas at