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Showbiz Mama
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Butlins goes boujis!
For families looking for a touch of affordable luxury on their mini-break: Review of Shoreline and Ocean Hotels, Bognor Regis…

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d checked into a luxurious Disney hotel, when you open the door to marvel at the magical world before you.
Nautical but nice, the theme of the Shoreline hotel at Butlins Bognor Regis instantly transports you on board the deck of a giant ship, perhaps a pirate one as it sparks the imagination prompting wonderful adventures straight away.
‘Ahoy sailor’, ‘all aboard’ chirped the 5-year-old as he ran in and grabbed the actual ship steering wheel that was mounted right by the window overlooking the sea – as he instantly motioned us over to jump on board and hold on tight.
As a mother-of-two tots, with a passion for all things sensory stimulating, this family room ticked all of the boxes.
The kids room came complete with a nautical feel and colourful sensory nightlight for the kids as they clamoured onto the bunkbed – a décor that matched perfectly the blue and red animated bathroom with sea animals adorning the walls.

Something for the mamas
Coming from a showbiz background, now thrust into a world of Teletubbies and Peppa Pig, it was glorious to bask in a touch of luxury as I delved into the king sized bed.
Delicate details like the spooky spider made out of towels which was too fabulous to destroy and was propped up on the side as the mascot for the trip, are clever touches you will always remember.
With the rise of the sun, and the baby’s gurgles as our alarm clock, we were up for our buffet breakfast just downstairs.
Already anticipating the problems I was expecting to encounter with my fussy eaters, hmm, how much was I really looking forward to this situation?
But shock. My kids loved EVERYTHING. The 5-year-old even ordered off menu after sniffing out the sweet smell of pancakes being griddled at the back of the kitchen.
‘I’ll have 5 pweesse.’
‘5?’ said the chef as she looked down at the pint-sized guest.
‘Yes, 5 pweesse. With honey. Two sausages, and an egg.’
The sweet chef didn’t have the heart to question him and kindly obliged.
Instantly he thought he was transported to the land of The Very Hungry Caterpillar as he reached for a peace of watermelon on his way to the table.
Customer service is a big thing for me, coming from that industry many moons ago.
So I was overwhelmed at just how attentive and kind the staff were to make sure families had everything they needed.
At breakfast, they made sure the little one had his pick from their variety of Ella’s Kitchen yummy meals.
Surprising was the array of fresh fruits and berry birchers, as well as the traditional full English fry up, cereals, French pastries and cupcakes, so much more than was expected before coming here.
If food is your thing, then save space for dinner because, my word, you’ll never experience anything like it. It was like dining out at the West End – and for an uptown girl like me, we were onto a winner!
The Ocean Hotel is like stepping into wholesome food heaven – even offering vegan lasagnes. Guests marvel at the actual ‘pasta chef’ on hand to create your very own ravioli or tagliatelle dish from scratch, topped off with a sprinkling of parmesan to send you on your way.
‘I’ll just have the salad,’ suggested daddy sensibly. That thought vanished in a puff of smoke when he laid his eyes on the sumptuous carvery before him.
Succulent lamb that fell off the bone, beef joints carved in front of you, roast potatoes that were crispy on the outside and soft within, fluffy Yorkshire puddings – and that just made up the British section.

Foods of the world were represented the talented chefs, who laid on a fragrant pan-Asian spread that boasted udon noodles, spring roles, sweet and sour prawns.
Kids were spoilt for choice too with fresh pizza with toppings of their choice, chips, veggies and hot dogs.
Well when on holiday!
A sweet tooth is more than satisfied with the decadent banoffie pie, lemon cheesecake and even jelly and ice-cream for the kids.
If you have room for afters, then a cheeseboard is served with chutney and an array of crackers. Talk about exquisite dining at your fingertips, could not have been further from what I expected, and what a treat for all it really was!

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