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The race for Christmas number one is on, and the contenders are not who you’d expect!
#cbeebies #oddsocksday #andyandtheoddsocks

Watch out Simon Cowell – you’ve got competition in the race for Christmas No 1, from CBeebies star Andy, and his band: The Odd Socks.
The rockers, who have teamed up with the Anti Bullying Alliance for their latest tunes, are set to be racing up the charts with their catchy track .
Andy tells #Showbizmama: ‘That would be the dream to beat X Factor to Christmas number 1, so I hope everyone gets behind us. Simon Cowell would go mad! Rage Against the Machine did it once so maybe we can too.’

Their tracks have an amazing message for our youngsters out there.
CBEEBIES presenter Andy said: ‘It’s all about learned behaviour. Helping kids to understand if you do this, it has an affect on people.
‘One of the best ways to get the message across is to have fun and not push it on people. Music is a fantastic medium to do that.’
It’s been a whirlwind few months for the band who have already played at Glastonbury and camp Bestival this year, as well as bagging a record deal with Universal.
But they are not stopping there. Andy said: “It would be amazing to collaborate with the Foo Fighters.”
We’re keeping our drumsticks crossed for you!

*Andy is encouraging families to take part in Odd Socks Day on November 13 – the start of anti-bullying week. Kids will pay £1 and wear odd socks, with donations going to the Anti Bullying Alliance.
“A massive thanks to Torridon school and all the children around the country taking part in this. Everyone should wear their odd socks to raise awareness and let people know it’s ok to be different.”