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London’s top family hotspots this Easter: Review of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, London 🎉😍

Ripley’s opens the door to a world of visual and sensory stimulation that is truly mind blowing – and leaves you wondering… Is this for real?!
Perfect for a family day out in central London, this museum of fun encapsulates learning about historical events, science and art, with its extraordinary theme of celebrating all things weird and wonderful.
Set across five floors, visitors will be taken back into time with a royal inspired exhibition, and marvel at the masterpieces of abstract art of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and even Michelle Obama – made from metallic bottle cap lids.
The anecdotes with each statue are a treat, particularly the ‘ugliest woman in the world’ sculpture who received many marriage proposals but turned down a bunch of suitors, don’t cha know. Then there’s the fastest man in the world and the tallest man in the world that guests can try and measure up to, and tip the scales if they dare.
A valuable lesson in social inclusion to say the least – particularly when it comes to the voodoo style shrunken heads!!
In this jam-packed exhibition it’s actually the subtle attention to detail that can create the most fun. Usually if my kid is on the floor it would be a tantrum so just as I was about to tell him off for laying out on the floor, I stopped and checked myself for a minute. Who knew it would be the simple pleasures such as lying on the floor albeit on a sensory stimulator board that made a rippling water effect so it looked like you are underwater swimming with the fishes, would be so effective? Loved that🙌🏼
However no trip to Ripleys would be complete without visiting the Marvellous Mirror Maze, spooky, mystical and magical, see if you can make it out in one piece…
Lastly only the brave should venture into the Black Hole, the piece de resistance, that would give the UK’s most popular theme parks a run for their money in the fun stakes. Just hold on tight!

Ripley’s London is a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus, and makes a great day out for the whole family.
Book two months in advance for half-priced tickets, and yummy deals with Planet Hollywood too.