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Quick Family Day Out for Half-term: Godstone Farm, UK

It’s our second year now at Godstone Farm.
And each year, without fail, the little man bounds brazenly straight over to the petting area and proudly plucks a feather from an unsuspecting chicken. ‘Mmmm, chicken and chips’ he points and giggles. #Queue mortified mum!
We had an amazing time at Godstone Farm – one of the highlights of the school calendar! He was buzzing from the get-go, hopping onto the truly captivating tractor ride, where he was mesmerized to be taken back in time to a land of dinosaurs that would have given Peppa Pig and George a run for their money. The munchkin was over the moon to see the gobble-necked turkeys and cockerels. He even had his own competition with them to see who could cockle-doodle-doo the loudest. Skipping over to the animal petting area, it was great to see a real-life tortoise too, patting its rock hard shell and gawping at how slowly it moved, while trying to get the boys not to push it’s little head back in the shell 😳After lunch, he burned off some energy in the sandpit, before moving onto the fantastic outdoor playground where he was entranced by the two-way swing that allowed him to sit opposite mum – as he flew all the way up ‘to the moon’ and back.
Godstone Farm is a truly fantastic day out, thoroughly educational, fun, and certainly created some brilliant memories for families. It’s only about 40 mins from M20 from London if you’re pushed for time 🐷🐖🐕🐺🐢👌😍