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Love Lockdown : A birth story


It’s been a while… In between work from home, homeschooling my 8 year old and potty training the 3 year old as we tackled our new life, the new normal, Coronavirus lockdown, something magical happened.
We welcomed our third son Gabriel into the world ????❤️?
His birth was handled with military precision, as me and hubby went into hospital fully masked and armed with sanitizer and detergents to clean everything to make sure we wouldn’t contract the deadly virus.
The masked-up midwives did a fantastic job delivering him after an induction as my waters broke 24 hours earlier.
However the drama happened in the recovery/ post natal Ward afterwards.
Overnight the woman in the cubicle next to me coughed… once.
And you know what that signifies – dum dum dum – well she must have Coronavirus then!
Surely enough the morning came and the midwives said they had moved the woman to her own room as she was a suspect, and they’d be taking us three remaining woman to another ward where we’d be safe from her.
“It’s so clean. It even has windows, “ they enthused.
Off they wheeled us mothers and babies to the new ward.
Only four hours later, when no docs had come to discharge me, I had discovered this ‘safe haven’ they put us in was actually a Coronavirus Ward.’
The midwife let slip I couldn’t put the baby’s milk back in the fridge because it was a “Coronavirus ward.”
Eeek! We could not get out of there fast enough and each woman called their birth partner to get them pronto.
The ward manager apologised profusely for not being as transparent with us about where they were taking us and our newborns. They stressed there was no ‘Coronavirus ward’ but we were all suspects so were in a ward where people who had tested positive for Coronavirus had stayed previously. Can you imagine… already mums have anxiety about going into hospital to give birth at a time like this, so it wasn’t the dream scenario.
The next day they called to say the coughing woman had tested negative for Coronavirus.
I could finally take my mask off and relax at home with my newborn and his big brothers.

So thankful he was safe and well and a massive thanks to the NHS docs and midwives just bossing things to deliver our babies during the pandemic ???❤️