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5 ways to feel fab when you’re expecting Baby No.2 😘🍼😇💅

So the Showbizmama family is growing! So blessed to be expecting baby No.2 early next year. It’s a four year gap since my first baby – so I’m already feeling a bit rusty. Here’s some tips to get the spring back in your step of your swollen little feet 👣

1) Get movin!
If like me, you didn’t lose all your post baby weight from before, eek! (We’re only human), then do your best to do something fun and active everyday.
I’m lovin’ the Denise Austin at home YouTube workouts. There are also 10-15 minute aerobics, yoga, and also Barefoot ballet workouts – fab to boost your energy and help shift that sluggish feeling as your bump gets bigger.

2) Sleep when you need to!
Don’t feel bad mums – we are super busy doing the work/life/mummy juggle. But if there’s a chance to squeeze in a cheeky 30mins/hour power nap then take it! You deserve it. You’re growing a new life inside you so just ‘do you.’

3) Get your hair did! Go shopping girls!
When you see that double chin creeping up, and the pounds begin to pile on – you got to do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself.
Pregnant women are some of the most sexiest I’ve seen, so show off that bump in whatever makes you feel fab – am loving Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, and MothercaRE for affordable options. And if you’re going all out – check out TK Maxx, or invest in an amazing designer dresses to hug your gorgeous bump.

4) Don’t let people take the p*ss!
Trust me, I speak from my own personal experience of my first pregnancy – don’t let people stress you out. It is bad for you and for your baby. Stress can lead to pre-term labour too – which is a whole other subject!
So be it at work, or on the trains and buses, stay strong.
You’re the mama, make sure your bosses respect that you need to take things a bit easier, need to leave for midwives appointments and scans etc.
It’s just 9 months afterall, after that you can get back to the rat race afterwards…

5) Get excited preparing for baba!
If you’re a second time mum, this pregnancy is probably flying by because you’re so busy looking after your first.
So do take time out to think about how you’re going to plan for your new addition, jazz up the nursery, and get new basics in or just dust them off from the attic like cribs and a car seat you will need to take your baby home from hospital.
Am lovin’ as a one stop for gorgeous baby fashion, nursery equipment and toys. And also you can’t go wrong with for toys that stimulate the babies sensory needs like a bouncer, floor mat playcentre, and mums can shake off the pounds with the #beatboboogie toy once the nipper arrives. Need a brush up on what to get, then check out Gina Ford’s The New Contented Baby Book. But remember every pregnancy, and every baby is different, and needs an individual rule book really. So go with the flow, have fun, stay blessed and stress free! 😎💋